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Riddick Bowe wrestling for Preston City Wrestling deal is off!

Friday 13th December 2014 I Steven Fludder the owner of Preston City Wrestling received a phone call from Regis Talent Management. The call was regarding an agreed appearance we had in place with Jose Melendez of New World Sports Management agent of boxing legend Riddick Bowe. The agreement was for Mr Bowe to make his international wrestling debut at our Road To Glory event on March 1st 2014 in Preston, England for Preston City Wrestling.

Regis Talent Management informed me on the call they was now handling all of Riddick Bowes affairs and that the contracted fee that had been in place with Jose Melendez of New World Sports Management was not enough. They requested an additional $4000, also that Mark Regis of Regis Talent Management accompanied Mr Bowe to the UK at the cost of Preston City Wrestling.

I was not happy with the tone of the telephone call and telling me things such as ''these things happen all the time'' regarding asking for more money when a talent changes agents. The agreement was contracted and the terms were stated pretty clear to Mr Bowe so any change in position was very unprofessional and uncalled for. When I said we don't have any more money the response on the phone was 'I think you do' and at that moment I could tell that Regis Talent Management don’t have the level of experience needed to be even talking deals on behalf of Mr Bowe. I was at one point laughing at the person from Regis Talent Management down the telephone as I do not bow down to intimidation and will not be hustled.

I ended the call and I had already received an email from Jose Melendez of New World Sports Management who informed me that he was not the agent for Riddick Bowe anymore. Mr Melendez then returned my deposit that he was holding to me as he wanted no part of the situation he could see coming.

Knowing we had the deposit back Mark Regis of Regis Talent Management then emailed me saying they would honour the original terms and to send them the deposit of 50% of Mr Bowes fee. I did not reply to that email straight away and received many missed called and also Paypal invoices again many times sent to me. The desperation was obvious.

I replied on Saturday 14th December to Regis Talent Management stating I will not deal with people I do not trust and I do not trust them with my deposit money. I stated on the email I do not trust them to try not hustle me again once they have a deposit. I was open and transparent and told them the deal is now not happening because of them and I want no part of dealing with a company in my opinion was crooked.  

Mark Regis of Regis Talent Management has emailed me with an apology ''Look,  I apologize for any misinterpretation.  I've come to realize demanding more money for Bowe's appearance was a mistake''.

Jose Melendez of New World Sports Management also has followed up and said ''Bowe contacted me today and he notified me that he was unaware of the actions of Mark Regis in regards to the wrestling engagement.  He has indicated that he has severed all business relationships'' and also that ''Bowe has offered his up most sincere apology to you and totally understands your decision.  Like you, I was extremely upset and disappointed in this whole situation.''

All at Preston City Wrestling would like to thank Jose Melendez of New World Sports Management for his professionalism and honesty during all negotiations and events that followed. We also hope Mr Bowe learns the errors of his ways and that that Mr Melendez is a very good representative to have conducting his business. At no point did Mr Bowe ask for any more money himself and we also believe the wrong doing was solely on the part of Regis Talent Management.

As a closing statement I would like to say that I am disappointed that the deal could not be completed but I operate a professional business and will only conduct dealings with talent and agents who can show the same respect I show them. I have already secured a big name replacement from the wrestling world to appear at Road To Glory February 28th and March 1st in the place of Mr Bowe.

Steven Fludder

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