Moss Side Manchester
5 6
145 lbs
Signature Moves
Juicy Fruit Driver

Is there a wrestler on the PCW roster more vilified by fans and fellow wrestlers alike than Bubblegum? Probably not.

The cocky cruiserweight burst onto the scene in October 2011 as part of a Six-Pack challenge. Making a spectacular first impression, Bubblegum would emerge victorious and despite not being impressed with his attitude, PCW fans were more than impressed with his ability.

After winning a number 1 contender's match over Greg Burridge in early 2012, albeit in dubious circumstances, Bubblegum would earn himself a PCW Heavyweight Championship match against T-Bone.

Bubblegum would actually win this match, although due to this win coming via disqualification, he wouldn't win the title. This wouldn't however stop him leaving with the physical championship belt. In a moment which has become infamous in PCW history, “The Rascal” would steal the belt from T-Bone and sell it at a local pawnbrokers.

Bubblegum would get a re-match against T-Bone at Guild Wars in June. At the start of the show, Bubblegum made his way to the ring and began to brag of how he'd sold the PCW Heavyweight belt, leading to T-Bone making his entrance (with a new belt in tow) and destroying “The Pride of Manchester” in short order.

Bouncing back from this defeat, Bubblegum would forge on and rack up a victory over ROH's Michael Elgin as well as crowd favourite, Mad Man Manson with help from old nemesis, T-Bone would had undergone an attitude change in recent months.

Despite this new alliance (which would add Rampage Brown in the coming months), 2013 wasn't that successful for Bubblegum. After a win over April Davids in the first round of February's Road to Glory tournament, it would be October before “The Rascal” would see another victory. This would be in the form of a win over “Old School” Keith Myatt at Fright Night 2.

This victory would get Bubblegum back on track as Team Single scored impressive wins over the teams of Al Snow, D'Lo Brown and Dave Mastiff and Project Lucha Madness (Martin Kirby, El Ligero and Mad Man Manson) at the end of the year.

Bubblegum would start 2014 by scoring an impressive victory over mat veteran and WWE Legend, The Godfather. The Godfather wouldn't take this loss lying down and would call on alter ego Papa Shango to defeat Bubblegum the following night.

Even this couldn't offset Bubblegum. “The Rascal” would score a huge win over April Davids for the PCW Cruiserweight Championship at Who Dares Wins in March. He continues his reign at time of writing.

Bubblegum had seemingly garnered a bit of a reputation as a coward; someone who opens his mouth and then hides behind his Team Single allies when the going gets tough. The cocky Cruiserweight champion would use night two of PCW's Supershow 4 to remind his detractors and opponents just how proficient a wrestler he can be when he retained his championship against Kris Travis and Mark Andrews in a triple threat match.

After another successful title defence, this time over Dean Allmark at June's Tribute to the Troops show, Bubblegum would get a massive surprise in the form of former TNA X-Division Champion, Austin Aries. At August's 3rd anniversary show, I Want to Break Three, Bubblegum would defend his title successfully once again, pinning Mark Andrews after Aries hit his patented brainbuster. Bubblegum would sneakily clamber back in the ring, oust Aries and take advantage of the hard work of “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived”.

Bubblegum would be rewarded for his successful defences at September 2014's Just Get In The Bloody Ring when he was awarded the opportunity to defend his Cruiserweight belt against his idol, Brian “Spanky” Kendrick. Bubblegum would defeat his hero and in a rare show of humility and respect, take the microphone and talk about how much the match and his opponent meant to him. It was too good to be true however as “The Rascal” dropped his challenger with a low-blow and put the boots to him, before Kendrick's friend Paul London ran Bubblegum off. There was no stopping the successful title defences of Bubblegum as he retained again, this time over Martin Kirby (wrestling as “Kane” that night) at Halloween's Fright Night III. 

Bubblegum's success has continued right up through the PCW & ROH Supershow of Honor weekend with a victory over Paul London, a successful title defence in a triple threat match against ROH stars Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly and a victory as part of Team Single, over Dave Mastiff, Mad Man Manson and Dave Rayne in six man tag team action.


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