CJ Banks
Southport, Merseyside
5 7
189 lbs
Signature Moves
Texas Cloverleaf

The self proclaimed “Pound 4 Pound Best” burst into PCW on the promotions debut show. Bringing with him a clear disdain for everything and everyone, “The Juice” would immediately get under the skin of PCW fans with his blatant disrespect and arrogant attitude.

Banks shone in Cruiserweight competition throughout most of his first year with the company. In mid 2012 however, CJ's chauvinist ways would rear their ugly head as he took a dislike to female competitor Kay Lee Ray.

As “Juice” found himself alone in the first annual PCW Rumble, Southport's favourite son would amuse himself by doing press ups. The next entrance into the match would be Kay Lee. Unconcerned and even somewhat amused, Banks immediately went to work on the Scottish siren. Not content to just wrestle her, CJ did his best to humiliate her, making all kinds of degrading comments and giving his actions quite the narration. Said actions would eventually catch up to Banks. As he was distracted by the entrance music of next entrant, ironically another female competitor in the form of Carmel Jacob, Kay Lee would drop-kick “Juice” in the back and send him tumbling over the top rope to the floor, eliminating him from the contest.

A furious and humiliated Banks would get his chance for revenge at the first anniversary PCW show where he would face Kay Lee in singles competition. Despite a gutsy showing from Ray, CJ would put her away and obtain the victory.

After impressive victories over Dean Allmark and The Babyfaced Pitbull in the later months of 2012, Banks would participate in the 2013 Road to Glory tournament. Despite an impressive first round count-out victory over former PCW Heavyweight Champion, Kris Travis, “The Juice” would lose to eventual tournament winner Noam Dar.

Once Spring rolled around, CJ was up to his old tricks. Once again, the setting was the PCW Rumble and unfortunately for Banks, lightening would indeed strike twice in the same place as for the second consecutive year he was eliminated by a female combatant. This time it would be the “Lancashire Terrier” April Davids who would send “The Juice” sailing to elimination. An infuriated Banks would immediately sneak back into the match and eliminate Davids by throwing her over the top rope, ensuring this war was far from over.

After the tag team of CJ Banks and Dave Rayne were victorious over the oddball duo of Mad Man Manson and WWE legend, Goldust on night 1 of the No Retreat, No Surrender Supershow, CJ and April would tie up in singles competition on night 2.

To ensure the match was a fair one, legendary WWE Diva and former four time WWE Women's Champion, Lita would officiate the contest. Undaunted by the status of the guest referee, Banks would blatantly disrespect Lita on several occasions throughout. Unfortunately, this pre-occupation with letting the official know his thoughts about her would lead to his demise and Davids would defeat him.

The “Pound 4 Pound Best” would make an impressive showing in the Money in the Bank ladder match at PCW's 2nd anniversary show in August 2013 but would drop off the radar after being unsuccessful.

CJ Banks made his shocking return to PCW in January 2015 at Shooting Star. Banks would team with Kid Fite to take on the duo of Andy Wild and Doug Williams. Whilst he would fall victim to Doug William's Chaos Theory, Banks went toe to toe with Williams and reminded PCW fans that he is one of the most technically sound wrestlers in the entire country.


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