D-Lo Brown
Chicago, Illinois
6 3
264 lbs
Signature Moves
Lo Down, Sky High

D'Lo Brown is another name synonymous with the Attitude Era. D'Lo is a former Intercontinental Champion and European Champion as well as “Eurocontinental Champion” when he became the first man to ever hold both championships at the same time.

Brown would come to PCW for Supershow 3 in late 2013. The former NWA World Tag Team Champion would put his tag team skills to use in a six man where he teamed with another Attitude Era stalwart, Bob Holly and PCW's own Dave Mastiff. Unfortunately, this trio couldn't defeat Team Single and the 2/3 would implode as D'Lo and Bob Holly (who were already scheduled to clash the next day) were unable to get along.

D'Lo reverted to his rulebreaking ways the next day as the spirit of competition emerged strongly in both WWE alumnus. After a hard fought contest, Brown would emerge with the victory. The two would patch up their differences afterwards.

As the evening show beckoned, PCW Money in the Bank holder was without an opponent due to scheduled adversary Shannon Moore missing his flight. Always ready for a challenge, D'Lo stepped up to the mark to the delight of the PCW fans. Unfortunately for “The Real Deal”, Hayes would use nefarious means in order to obtain a disqualification victory after using D'Lo's own leg to low blow referee Des Robinson. D'Lo gained a measure of revenge and also sent the fans home happy when he blasted Hayes with a Sky High powerbomb and then flattened him with a Lo-Down frog splash.

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