Danny Hope
6 0
168 lbs
Signature Moves
Tassel-icious, Catwalk Kick

The beloved creator of “Tasselmania” has proved to be a massive hit with the fans of PCW.

Upon his arrival into PCW, Hope was an arrogant rulebreaker. It wouldn't be long however before his charisma won over the PCW fans and he formed an alliance with another fan favourite, Mad Man Manson.

Though the tag team hasn't faired too well in terms of success, Danny would realise his dream as a singles wrestler when he became the PCW Heavyweight Champion at Who Dares Wins 2014. “Delicious” outlasted 29 other competitors to capture the company's top prize, much to the delight of the fans in attendance who erupted at his victory.

Sadly for Danny and his supporters, the celebration would be short-lived as Money in the Bank holder Joey Hayes would cash in and capture the PCW Heavyweight Championship after an attack with the contract holding briefcase.

 Once Danny had tasted glory and had it so cruelly snatched away from him, he embarked on trying to re-capture what was once his. Hope and Hayes would clash in a Lumberjack match at Spring Slam the following month. Danny would again have his dreams dashed by the wily champion as Hayes emerged victorious.

To settle the score, the two men would both agree to a third encounter for the championship. The stage was set for Supershow 4 and set in a big way as it emerged the two would do battle in a Last Man Standing match.

Before Danny could get there, he would compete in 3 other matches, first emerging with a victory in a Fatal 4 Way encounter over Martin Kirby, Dean Allmark and former WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Juventud Guerrera. A second victory would come later that night in tag team action as Danny teamed with Kris Travis to unseat the duo of TNA star MVP and Danny's arch rival, the PCW Heavyweight Champion, Joey Hayes. In a measure of revenge, Danny would score the pin over Joey.

The team of Hope, Mad Man Manson, Juventud Guerrera and Al Snow would be unable to defeat Joey Hayes, Rampage Brown and T-Bone in handicap tag action the following day. Hope would also lose to Hayes later that night, a loss which, for now, has ended his quest for the PCW Heavyweight Championship.

Despite the loss, Danny still has his legions of fans spurring him on and no doubt has many bright days ahead in Preston City Wrestling.

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