Dave Rayne
Deansgate, Manchester
5 10
186 lbs
Signature Moves

In spite of his attitude and arrogance, “The One and Only” Dave Rayne remains one of the most beloved figures on the PCW roster.

Rayne spent his early days in PCW feuding with insane Irishman, Mad Man Manson. After a meeting on the first show which saw Dave emerge victorious, Manson seemed to make it his personal mission to drive the Stockport native insane.

In October of 2011, Dave's birthday would fall on the same day as the PCW vs PBW show. Never one to miss an opportunity to get under Rayne's skin, Manson and his Disco Madness partner, Sam Bailey, would crash Dave's in ring birthday party with a surprise and a cake. Unfortunately for the birthday boy, the surprise was an overweight, male dancer and the cake ended up on his face.

Furious from having his special day ruined, Rayne would spend the coming months recruiting a myriad of tag team partners to try and gain revenge on the Irishman and his cohort. Proving he meant business, Dave's first choice that December was former ROH World Champion, Nigel McGuinness. Unfortunately, the attitude and arrogance of Rayne would rear it's ugly head, rub McGuinness the wrong way and lead to the TNA alumnus dropping “The One and Only” with a Tower of London, gifting Disco Madness the victory.

Not one to give up without a fight, Rayne came back in February 2012 with a new partner, Terry Frazier. Unfortunately, Dave's demeanour would get him in trouble again and Frazier would also turn on him. Disco Madness again left with the duke.

Dave's tag team saviour would soon come in the most unlikely of allies in the form of cross-dressing Scotland resident, Mikey Whiplash. Despite appearing to have absolutely nothing in common, the duo gelled as a team and Dave was finally able to gain a measure of revenge when they defeated Manson and Bailey at Spring Slam in March.

After successfully winning the first ever PCW Rumble match in April for a PCW Heavyweight Championship match, Dave would challenge the champion, T-Bone. Unfortunately, Rayne was demolished in short order.

In spite of this disappointing loss, Dave soldiered on in tag team competition. In a first for PCW and all the combatants involved, Guild Wars in June would play host to an all male “Bra and Panties” bout in which the participants would all be dressed in women's underwear. Bubblegum would sub for Manson who had had transportation problems and “Whips and Raynes” would walk away victorious, drawing a line under the feud.

Back in singles competition, Rayne would begin a personal quest to win the PCW Cruiserweight Championship. Many questioned whether Dave was within the confines of the weight limit for the division. At One But Not Forgotten in August, a six-pack challenge was set up to determine the first champion. Sadly for Dave, during the in-ring weigh in, he was found to be too heavy and sent packing from the squared circle.

Dave Rayne's popularity continued to grow and he would rack up wins over Martin Kirby, El Ligero and Scotty Maverick over the autumn months. In December at Festive Fury 2, he would compete in the Money in the Bank ladder match for a shot at any PCW singles championship, any time, any place.

Dave would successfully win the match and choose the perfect moment to cash in. Finally achieving his dream and laying to rest all memories of that humiliating August night, “The One and Only” would defeat a prone Noam Dar at Road to Glory in February 2013 to capture the PCW Cruiserweight Championship.

During his quest to capture Cruiserweight gold, Dave had begun another quest. This one was to try and stop international talents appearing in PCW. His first target was Davey Richards who had appeared at One But Not Forgotten. Unfortunately for Dave, that meeting didn't go too well. Undaunted however, Dave resumed his mission once he'd captured the Cruiserweight belt and began to target WWE legend Goldust.

With the former Intercontinental, Hardcore and World Tag Team Champion set to appear at Spring Slam in April, Rayne wasted little time in calling out the veteran. After a war of words and a sneak attack from “The One and Only”, experience prevailed over exuberance and Dave was sent scurrying from the ring, the recipient of a Final Cut.

Much to the chauvinistic Rayne's displeasure, he would have to defend his Cruiserweight championship against April Davids at Too Good to Be Two that August. Even more to his displeasure, he would be defeated for his prized title. After a sneak attack at Final Fight in October using a broom, the former champion would attempt to regain his title at Fright Night 2 on Halloween in a unique “Fans Bring the Domestic Items” match. A wild brawl ensued involving all manner of household goods but unfortunately for Dave, he wouldn't be able to reclaim his belt.

Whether it was built on rapport or respect, nobody really knows but Dave Rayne and Chris Masters had put their differences aside over 2013 and began to become quite close friends. The former rivals teamed up in November and defeated the duo of Mad Man Manson and Danny Hope. After this contest, Dave would name the team The Legion of Boom.

Back in singles action, Rayne beat Grado in the first round of the Road 2 Glory 2014 tournament in February. He would unfortunately crash out at the hands of old rival, Dave Mastiff.

Once Spring Slam rolled around in April, the adulation of the fans appeared to have finally had a positive effect on Dave and suddenly, the former Cruiserweight champion embraced the cheers of the crowd. At the event, The Legion of Boom would team with Dean Allmark to defeat the trio of Team Single.

In addition to tag team action, in recent months Dave has taken to defending his custom title, the “#Boom” championship in PCW. Carrying with it it's own rulebook, the wiley Rayne has managed to retain the championship everytime he's defended it, whether he's won the match itself or not. Joey Hayes would be the first victim of this on night 2 of Road 2 Glory 2014.

After that match, Dave was challenged by the longest reigning WWE Cruiserweight champion in history, Hurricane Helms, for Supershow 4 in May. The two men would clash with each of their custom championships on the line as Helms brought with him his Crime Fighting championship. Hurricane would win the match and retain his title but due to a loophole, was unable to wrest the #Boom championship away from Dave.

Dave has since formed a (now dissolved) partnership with Chris Masters as the “Legion of Boom” but the duo were unsuccessful during their chances at tag team glory. Rayne has continued to retain his #Boom championship in singles competition, whether he wins or loses.

After hiding under the ring in order to win the Never Give Up Rumble in April 2012, Dave went to the well again in 2015 when he competed in the Battle Royal at Shooting Star. When Dave Mastiff was the last man standing, Rayne crept in from behind and blind-sided the big man with a clothesline to try and oust him over the top rope. Sadly for Rayne, this only angered Mastiff. After not even flinching, Dave Mastiff easily threw Dave Rayne over the top to be declared the winner of the match.

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