Disco Madness
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After Mad Man Manson and “Disco” Sam Bailey teamed up to defeat The Blackpool Blonds in September 2011 at the inaugural Road to Glory, the duo listened the PCW fans' cries of “Disco Madness” and made the decision to make the team a full time venture.

Disco Madness made their first order of duty to be that of getting under the skin of Dave Rayne when they turned up at October's show to crash Rayne's in-ring birthday party. Bringing with them an obese male dance act and a birthday cake that's use-by date was questionable at best, Disco Madness succeeded in ruining Dave's birthday and making him have his cake and wear it, rather than eat it.

Furious from having his special day ruined, Rayne would spend the coming months recruiting a myriad of tag team partners to try and gain revenge on the Irishman and his cohort. Proving he meant business, Dave's first choice that December was former ROH World Champion, Nigel McGuinness. Unfortunately, the attitude and arrogance of Rayne would rear it's ugly head, rub McGuinness the wrong way and lead to the TNA alumnus dropping “The One and Only” with a Tower of London, gifting Disco Madness the victory.

Not one to give up without a fight, Rayne came back in February 2012 with a new partner, Terry Frazier. Unfortunately, Dave's demeanour would get him in trouble again and Frazier would also turn on him. Disco Madness again left with the duke.

Dave's tag team saviour would soon come in the most unlikely of allies in the form of cross-dressing Scotland resident, Mikey Whiplash. Despite appearing to have absolutely nothing in common, the duo gelled as a team and Dave was finally able to gain a measure of revenge when they defeated Manson and Bailey at Spring Slam in March.

In a first for PCW and all the combatants involved, Guild Wars in June would play host to an all male “Bra and Panties” bout in which the participants would all be dressed in women's underwear. Bubblegum would sub for Manson who had had transportation problems and “Whips and Raynes” would walk away victorious, drawing a line under the feud.

Disco Madness would get a chance at becoming the first ever PCW Tag Team Champions in August at One But Not Forgotten as they participated in a Triangle Tag Team match along with the MOB and Fight Club. Unfortunately, they would leave without the titles. They would get a rematch the following month but were again, unable to capture the belts.

The later months of 2012 saw Mad Man Manson have all sorts of problems in singles action with the wily Bubblegum. Once Bubblegum enlisted the help of T-Bone to aid him, Manson turned to his buddy Bailey. The reunited pair would together defeat Bubblegum and T-Bone at Festive Fury in December 2012.

At Supershow 2 in June, Disco Madness reunited again to face Team Single, the tag team of Rampage Brown and T-Bone. Disco Madness were not only soundly defeated but decimated post match. Sam Bailey would leave PCW after this event, putting an end to Disco Madness. 

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