Hollywood, Calif
6 0
223 lbs
Signature Moves
Curtain Call

WWE legend Goldust is another man who needs very little introduction to wrestling fans the world over. The former WWE Intercontinental, Hardcore and World Tag Team Champion clashed with anti-import crusader Dave Rayne at Spring Slam in April 2013. After a brief war of words, Rayne cheapshotted the veteran. However, Goldust soon turned the tables and flattened the loudmouth Cruiserweight champion with a Final Cut.

Goldust would return to PCW for the Supershow 2 weekend in late May/early June. In tag team action he would team with Mad Man Manson to do battle with Dave Rayne and CJ Banks. Goldust and Manson wouldn't be able to offset the tandem of Rayne and Banks and would unfortunately lose the match.

The next night of the Supershow, Goldust got his crack at Rayne in singles competition. He would win the match by disqualification. Rayne thought his night was over at this point. He was wrong. Despite shaking off one Shattered Dreams attempt thanks to a carefully placed cup, Goldust would relive Rayne of his protective garment and well and truly shatter Rayne's dreams with a well placed kick to the groin area.

The wildly popular Goldust would return to WWE later that year and win the WWE Tag Team Championship with his brother, Cody Rhodes. 

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