Joey Hayes
Leigh, Lancashire
5 11
169 lbs
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Hayes Impact

Of all the transformations that have taken place in PCW and it's talent over the years, none have been bigger than Joey Hayes. Originally, Joey was a mild mannered, fan favourite who used to rouse the crowd with his spectacular in ring performances. Over time however, Hayes developed into an arrogant rule breaker who would much rather get under the fans skin than slap their hands.

Joey made his PCW debut at A New Beginning, the launch of the company, in August 2011. The crowd pleasing Hayes would pick up a victory over CJ Banks on the first match on the card. Despite a crowd following and impressive performances, Joey wouldn't see much success in his first year in PCW, other than his win over CJ Banks at the debut show and a Fatal 4 Way victory over Banks, Dean Allmark and Jonathan Gresham.

Sections of the crowd seemingly began to resent Joey for his good looks and his “nice guy” attitude. A combination of disappointing losses and a negative crowd reaction would eventually wear Hayes down and lead him to snap. After Noam Dar had successfully defended his PCW Cruiserweight title against Joey and El Ligero in September 2012 at Last Night of Freedom, Hayes would turn on the crowd and then Ligero by assaulting the masked Mexican.

Though his brash new attitude cost him a couple of victories in the beginning, the new Joey Hayes really began to see some impressive results, racking up wins over Lionheart in his retirement match that December, Andy Wild in the New Year and over former WWE superstars Paul London and Super Crazy in the Road 2 Glory tournament in February 2013.  After these impressive performances and a pre-show victory over Martin Kirby, Joey was granted a PCW Heavyweight Championship match against the new champion, Doug Williams at No Retreat, No Surrender in June. Hayes would unfortunately come up short on this attempt at the title.

Hayes entered the Money in the Bank match in August and came within an eyelash of claiming the prized briefcase before being cut off by Kris Travis, just shy of taking the coveted contract. This wouldn't be the end of the issue. Later in the night when Travis tried to cash in his contract during the Ironman main event between El Ligero and Doug Williams for the title, Joey would attack Travis and foil his cash in attempt. Most alarmingly of all however, he would take possession of the case with the contract for a title match inside.

As this deeply personal feud developed, Joey Hayes vs Kris Travis was set for Final Fight in October. Joey waltzed to the ring with Travis' briefcase, taunting the Money in the Bank holder. Travis had come to Final Fight that night with the goal of getting his prized contract back but Hayes would score the victory and again leave with Travis' Money in the Bank case. In an effort to draw a line under this issue once and for all, Kris Travis challenged Joey to a one on one Money in the Bank ladder match later that month at Fright Night 2.

On Halloween, a brutal ladder match ensued with Hayes hoping to keep control of the case and Travis hoping to regain it. After strategically targeting Kris Travis knee, Hayes would walk away with the victory, the briefcase and the contract privileges, while Travis limped away and limped away empty handed. The rivalry was still not over.

After a clever, disqualification victory over former WWE superstar D'Lo Brown in November, Hayes and Travis would clash for a third time with something on the line that both men held very dear to themselves. Their hair! In December at Festive Fury, the feud would finally come to a close after an arena wide brawl and Kris Travis scoring the win. He would shave some of Joey's prized locks off after the bout.

Joey of course, still had his prized briefcase and would bounce back in February with victories over Robbie X in singles action and then Dave Rayne and Robbie X in a triple threat match over the Road 2 Glory weekend. Joey's finest hour was yet to come.

With Lionheart suffering an unfortunate neck injury at the end of Road 2 Glory, the reigning and defending PCW Heavyweight Champion came to Who Dares Wins in March to officially hand over the title as he was unable to defend. Proving there was no depths to which he wouldn't stoop to become the PCW title holder, Joey Hayes interrupted Lionheart and attempted to cash in his contract on the injured Champion. This cash in attempt was thwarted by PCW owner Steven Fludder as he informed Hayes that the title was already vacant and there was no champion. A new champion would be crowned that night and that new champion would be whoever won the 30 man PCW Rumble.

A flustered and frustrated Hayes had to then immediately engage in a Six Pack Challenge match against Dave Mastiff, Martin Kirby, Cyanide, Danny Hope and El Ligero. Dave Mastiff would emerge victorious.

Joey Hayes' night wasn't over. After Danny Hope won the Rumble match to become the new PCW Heavyweight Champion, Joey would cash in and shatter Hope's dream. After a shot with the briefcase, Joey Hayes was the new PCW Champion.

After victories over Hope in rematches to retain the title and another successful defence against former WWE superstar, Carlito, Joey Hayes continues to reign as PCW Heavyweight Champion.

Joey would come unstuck as PCW Heavyweight Champion in August 2014 when Chris Masters defeated him for the title at I Want to Break Three. A bitter Hayes would then attack the new champion during the process of Dave Mastiff cashing in his Money in the Bank contract, garnering the ire of “The Bastard”. Dave would make short work of Joey the following month at Just Get In The Bloody Ring to become the new number one contender. Fright Night III in October wouldn't be any kinder to Hayes as he was defeated by another behemoth, this time in the form of a returning Uhaa Nation, masquerading as the Grim Reaper.

Not to be held down for long, Joey Hayes bounced back in a big way on the weekend of PCW & ROH Supershow of Honor, when he defeated world-travelled technician Lance Storm.

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