Keith Myatt
Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire
5 10
209 lbs

Keith Myatt is one of the longest serving and most respected men in British wrestling. This Stoke native came up during the “Golden Era” of British wrestling, wrestling alongside such legendary names as Steve Regal, Dave Finlay and Robbie Brookside, amongst others. Myatt also appeared frequently on World of Sport.

Keith Myatt first appeared in PCW with his tag team partner at that time, Ruffneck. Making their debut on the PCW vs PBW show in October 2011, the team collectively known as the M.O.B would scrap to a wild no contest with the PBW boys. Although no winner was declared, the M.O.B defended the PCW name with pride and won over the fans in attendance with their no-nonsense style.

Over the next few months, a feud would rage between the M.O.B and Fylde coast bad boys, The Blackpool Blonds. The Blonds would defeat the M.OB at Festive Fury in December, gaining some semblance of revenge for Ruffneck relieving Axl Rage of a tooth during a brawl at a local radio station where an interview with both sides (sans Myatt) went wayward.

Myatt and Ruffneck would team together to represent PCW again at Never Give Up in April 2012 in a losing effort to a team put together by PBW. They would also both compete in the PCW Rumble that night for a Heavyweight title shot. Both would unsuccessful but would continue their war with the Blackpool Blonds throughout the 30 man contest.

 The M.O.B would draw a line under their feud with the Blonds by teaming with Shaun “The Hammer” Davis and defeating the team of JD Sassoon, Dylan Roberts and Cam Kraze in a Bar Room Brawl match in June at Guild Wars. They would be part of the Triple Threat tag team match along with Disco Madness and Fight Club in August to crown the first ever PCW Tag Team champions but would leave empty handed.

After a victory over the Models at Fright Night on Halloween, Ruffneck would depart PCW, leaving Myatt to embark on a solo career.

Keith's next appearance would be the following March at Spring Slam 2013. Participating in the 30 Man Rumble, Myatt garnered a huge reaction from the PCW faithful after his short absence but unfortunately couldn't outlast the 29 other combatants. In October, Myatt would square off against Bubblegum in a “Coronation Street Fight” whilst dressed as Deirdre Barlow. He would be defeated.

Myatt returned to form in November in a technical masterpiece with fellow World of Sport alumnus and British legend Johnny Kidd. The two old rivals put on a mat classic which ended with Keith getting the win.

Keith Myatt would return to PCW in March 2014 for Who Dares Wins and a crack at becoming PCW Heavyweight Champion. Under the guise once again of Deirdre Barlow, Myatt was eliminated and went home without the championship.

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