Legion of Boom
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The odd couple tag team of Chris Masters and Dave Rayne first teamed together at Supershow 3 in November 2013. After a year's worth of animosity between the two, they seemed to have developed a friendship of sorts and one that was successful on that night, defeating the duo of Tassle Madness (Mad Man Manson and Danny Hope).

After the duo painted their faces in tribute to the late Ultimate Warrior and combined with Dean Allmark to pick up a win over Team Single at Spring Slam in April 2014, the Legion of Boom name first used by Dave Rayne began to stick.

Over the next couple of months, the Legion of Boom were granted two PCW Tag Team Championship shots at the holders of the belts, Team Single (Rampage Brown and T-Bone), but were unfortunately unable to wrest the titles away from the massive duo. The team did manage to defeat Team Single again as part of an 8 man tag however when they teamed with Carlito and Dean Allmark to defeat the 3 man version of Team Single and Joey Hayes.

Once Chris Masters won the PCW Heavyweight title, his attitude towards the fans changed. Finally snapping after the mounting boos got to him, Masters made it clear that he no longer wished to endear himself to the PCW crowd. Dave Rayne was also somebody that Masters no longer wished to be around. Denouncing the Legion of Boom as a team that never existed to begin with and mocking Rayne and his #Boom championship, “The Masterpiece” flattened his tag team partner, putting an end to the Legion of Boom at PCW & ROH Supershow of Honor in November 2014.

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