Kilmarnock, Scotland
6 0
235 lbs
Signature Moves
Frog Splash

Without Lionheart, Kris Travis might not be the Franchise of PCW. Every great hero had that career feud that never quite went away and probably never will. Steve Austin had Vince McMahon. Sting had Ric Flair. And Kris Travis has Lionheart.

Lionheart, much like Kris Travis, is a name synonymous with Preston City Wrestling. Oddly, the Scotsman would enter the promotion as a member of the hated rival organisation, Premier British Wrestling; however his athleticism, ability and charm has over time won over the PCW faithful.

While it's been a rocky road between Lionheart and the fans over his time in PCW, one thing that never wanes is the respect the crowd have for this man.

Immediately grabbing the attention of PCW wrestlers and fans on the very first show back in August 2011, Lionheart would make his presence felt by aiding fellow PBW cohort Noam Dar to victory over Sam Bailey. Donning a PBW shirt and emerging from the crowd, Lionheart emphatically fired the first shot in the PCW vs PBW promotional war.

Returning the following month, Lionheart looked for revenge against Kris Travis, a man he blamed for injuring him and knocking him out of contention for the PCW Heavyweight Championship.

After disposing of Jack Gallagher, an angry Scotsman grabbed the microphone and challenged Travis to a Last Man Standing contest at October's PCW vs PBW showdown. Travis was only too happy to accept.

In a match which was really the start of PCW being put on the map, the two athletes engaged in a brutal battle all over the PCW arena using all manner of weaponry to inflict damage upon one another. Gaining revenge for the injury inflicted on him by Travis, Lionheart would keep Travis down for the 10 count. Whilst the battle was over for now, the war was not.

Lionheart returned to PCW in February 2012 for Blood, Sweat and Beers and a rematch with Kris Travis. This battle would be fought under I Quit rules. In another classic match, Travis would manage to pull a win back and make Lionheart quit.

Bouncing back from this defeat, Lionheart racked up a win over Martin Kirby at Spring Slam in March, made a fantastic showing in the PCW Rumble at Never Give Up in April and defeated Joey Hayes at Guild Wars in June.  

In August at PCW's 1st the mountain in PCW when he became the PCW Heavyweight Champion. Outlasting T-Bone, Dave
Mastiff and Davey Richards in a Fatal 4 Way bout, the Scotsman was ecstatic as he held the gold aloft. His euphoria would be short-lived however. Moments later, old nemesis Kris Travis would cash in his Money in the Bank privileges, deck Lionheart with a super-kick and take the title from him.

The team of Lionheart and BT Gunn would pick up a victory over Kris Travis and T-Bone in September. It was during this time that Lionheart began to display a change of heart, clearly conflicted in taking the victory after T-Bone had abandoned Travis and even more disturbed when Bone returned to annihilate the Heavyweight Champion.

Whilst sections of the crowd had been rallying behind Lionheart since his pair of phenomenal matches with Kris Travis, the fans really began to back the Scotsman in November at Invasion. Despite being part of PBW as they crashed the PCW party for the 2ndopponent T-Bone was far more vilified that night. Despite coming up short, Lionheart wasn't
finished for the night. After the PCW Tag Team Champions, Fight Club had cost Kris Travis his match with Noam Dar, Lionheart came out to protest over their continued, unnecessary beating of his former adversary. Not only did Kid Fite refuse to listen, he slapped Lionheart in the face.

Having had just about enough, the new crowd favourite demolished the invaders and sent them packing.

In December 2012, Lionheart decided the time was right to walk away from professional wrestling. Kris Travis would defeat Lionheart to draw a line under their feud at Before the Fury, before Lionheart would suffer another loss later that night to Joey Hayes at Festive Fury.

Lionheart would make sporadic guest appearances at PCW events over the next few months, referencing a deal that PCW management had offered him. In April 2013 at Spring Slam, Lionheart would shock the PCW fans by emerging as a contestant in the 30 Man Rumble match. Not only would he compete, he would win the match itself! Lionheart announced after the match that he had accepted PCW management's deal. Still nobody knew what the deal was.

It would be PCW's 2nd his cards and play them very successfully. At the culmination of the 60 Minute Iron Man match between the PCW Heavyweight Champion Doug Williams and the challenger El Ligero, Lionheart would rush the ring with a contract in hand for a PCW Heavyweight title match, any time, any place. Williams would survive Lionheart's super-kick but was unable to withstand his Frog Splash. 3 seconds later, PCW had a new Heavyweight Champion. Not everybody was overjoyed. 

At Final Fight in October, Lionheart stood in front of the PCW fans to a very mixed reaction. After verbally sparring with his friend Noam Dar, Lionheart defeated Doug Williams in a rematch for the championship. After the contest, Lionheart snapped. Furious at the negative reaction to his triumphant return, the Scot told the PCW fans where to go and left to thunderous boos. Lionheart's tirade against the PCW fans would continue in backstage interviews that night and beyond.

In November, he would defeat Noam Dar, their friendship long buried. After pinning Dar again in tag team action over that Supershow weekend, Lionheart refused to defend the PCW Heavyweight Championship against Noam again.

As winter dawned, TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles had taken to defending his title all over the world. Lionheart very publicly took to Twitter to challenge AJ, a challenge “The Phenomenal One” eagerly accepted. In December at Festive Fury 3, Lionheart swaggered to the ring to AJ Styles' theme music, with his hood up and with his own TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt in tow. Fooling the fans in attendance, Lionheart again denounced the PCW crowd before running Styles down for not showing up for their clash. Later that night, the PCW champion would issue an open challenge.

Crowd favourite El Ligero would answer this challenge and take the champion to the limit before being put away with a Styles Clash, AJ Styles patented finishing manoeuvre, in what was a sure-fire message to the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

In February at Road to Glory, the stage was finally set for Lionheart vs AJ Styles. By this point, AJ had lost the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and parted ways with the company but this didn't diminish the clash whatsoever. With the PCW Heavyweight Championship up for grabs as well as a lot of pride, Lionheart and AJ fought tooth and nail in what will go down as one of the best matches in PCW history. Lionheart would squeeze out the victory by rolling up AJ and holding his tights, retaining the championship.

Due to injury, Lionheart had to vacate the PCW Heavyweight Championship. He has since undertaken the role of PCW General Manager with the crowd firmly in his corner once more, eagerly awaiting the day when he announces his return to in-ring action.

After spending the summer looking very dapper in a suit and being coined a “sexy bastard” by the PCW crowd, Lionheart would announce his return to in-ring action at the culmination of the PCW & ROH Supershow weekender, to a rapturous reception. The Scotsman would drop Joey Hayes with a thunderous Rock Bottom and announce he would be competing in the Road to Glory tournament in March 2015. A year after his career nearly ended, Lionheart sets foot back in the ring at the very same event to battle Joey Hayes in the first round of the tournament. 

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