Mikey Whiplash
Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
6 1
225 lbs

Scotland based Stoke native, Mikey Whiplash made his debut for PCW in December 2011 at Festive Fury, challenging T-Bone for the PCW Heavyweight Championship. He was unsuccessful in his quest for the gold.

From there, Whiplash would vanish from PCW until March the following year. When he re-emerged, he was quite different from the traditional style grappler fans remember. Now with a fondness for wearing women's clothing, the bizarre Whiplash formed one half of “Whips & Raynes” with Dave Rayne. Whiplash would prove to be the perfect tag team partner for Rayne as the two were finally able to see off the team of Disco Madness, who had been a thorn in Dave Rayne's side for months.

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