Nigel McGuinness
London, England
6 3
225 lbs
Signature Moves
Rebound Lariat; Tower of London

Nigel McGuinness has had a tremendous career in professional wrestling. Making his name in Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling NOAH before moving onto TNA, McGuiness is a former ROH World Heavyweight Champion and a ROH Pure Champion.

In 2011 after an injury had put a halt to McGuiness' full time career over the last couple of years, Nigel decided to retire and came to PCW as part of his “The Last of McGuiness” tour at Festive Fury in December.

McGuinness was Dave Rayne's partner that night as Rayne began his quest to put an end to Disco Madness, the team of Mad Man Manson and Sam Bailey, who had been tormenting him for months. Unfortunately for Dave, Nigel would grow tired of his attitude and drop him with a Tower of London, leaving him easy pickings for Disco Madness.

Nigel would return to PCW in June 2013 to act as Commissioner over the Supershow 2 weekend.

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