Noam Dar
A champagne supernova in a galaxy far far away
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169 lbs
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Noam Dar's accomplishments, not only in PCW but across British wrestling are unbelievable. When you couple that with the fact that he only turned 21 a few days before this biography being written, it becomes scary.

Noam made his debut on PCW's very first show, A New Beginning back in August 2011. An entrant in the tournament to crown the first PCW Heavyweight Champion, Dar would knock off Sam Bailey after interference from fellow Premier British Wrestling roster member, Lionheart. With this win, Noam progressed to the semi-finals of the tournament at Road to Glory the following month, where he defeated Joey Hayes to advance to the final. Dar would meet T-Bone in the final where he unfortunately came up just short of becoming the first PCW champion.

PBW would invade PCW en masse in October. Showing no ill effects of his failure to capture the PCW Heavyweight title, Noam would overcome the Mexican sensation, El Ligero in a gruelling Submission Match, making the high flying masked man tap-out to his agonising knee-bar.

It would be February 2012 at Blood, Sweat and Beers before PCW would see Noam Dar again. Proving his time away from the promotion hadn't been to his detriment, “The Israeli Icon” would defeat Dean Allmark, Joey Hayes and Zack Sabre Jr in a Fatal 4 Way match. Dar would defeat Allmark again in singles action the following month at Spring Slam.

After defeating heavyweight Dave Mastiff at Guild Wars in June, Noam turned his attention to becoming the first ever PCW Cruiserweight Champion at One But Not Forgotten, the company's first anniversary show that August. Competing against 5 other men in a Six Pack Challenge, Dar was able to outlast Dean Allmark, Joey Hayes, Martin Kirby, Bubblegum and Steven Walters to lift the gold.

Noam would have a busy night at Last Night of Freedom in September, competing not once but twice. First he would successfully defend his Cruiserweight title against Joey Hayes and El Ligero in Triple Threat action. He would then team with Kid Fite (replacing an injured Liam Thomson) to successfully keep the tag team titles around the waists of Fight Club by defeating Disco Madness.

Dar would pick up a count-out win over PCW Heavyweight Champion, Kris Travis, in November at Invasion after a blistering battle. What was to follow next month was one of the biggest matches of the young Israeli's career. Festive Fury 2 in December played host to a much hyped clash between Noam and former ECW World Heavyweight Champion, John Morrison. Dar would take the “Shaman of Sexy” to the limit before being defeated after Morrison's signature “Starship Pain”. Former WWE superstar, Morrison, would take the microphone after the match and endorse Noam as one of the best performers that he'd faced and thank him for the match.

As 2013 dawned, a new, more humble Noam Dar came to the forefront. After a loss to Dave Mastiff in January at More Bang for Your Buck, Noam looked to February's Road to Glory tournament and an opportunity at the PCW Heavyweight title in August. After defeating Andy Wild in the first round to advance, Noam was ambushed by his opponent in the next round, CJ Banks. Capitalising on Dar's weakened state, Dave Rayne took the opportunity to cash in his Money in the Bank contract and defeat Noam for the Cruiserweight title.

Rebounding from this on the 2nd day of the tournament, Noam Dar would get his revenge on CJ Banks by defeating him and knocking him out of the tournament, before seeing off former WWE superstar Brian Kendrick on route to the final. Dar would then defeat Joey Hayes in the final, bagging himself a PCW Heavyweight title match for August.

At Spring Slam in April, Noam would defeat Dragon Gate's Open the Freedom Gate Champion, Johnny Gargano. In June he would defeat Danny Hope on night one of Supershow 2 and then on the pre-show of the second day of the Supershow, go one-on-one with PCW Heavyweight Champion, Doug Williams for the title. The two would wrestle to a 15 minute time-limit draw.

After Doug Williams had successfully retained the championship against Joey Hayes later that evening, he would call Noam to the ring and lay down a challenge for August. With the draw from earlier hanging over their heads and fans eager for the rematch that was to come, Williams laid down the gauntlet for a 60 Minute Iron Man match. Dar accepted. Noam was already sporting a sling at this point due to a shoulder injury suffered during the match earlier that day with Williams and unfortunately due to this injury, the Iron Man match would never take place. It was October before Noam would be cleared to compete again.

In October at Fright Night 2, Noam would get his match against Doug Williams. Williams had lost the PCW Heavyweight Championship to Lionheart by this point, meaning the match wasn't for the title. After being placed in a submission hold which targeted his shoulder by Williams, PCW owner Steven Fludder (who Dar had grown frustrated with due to his reluctance to ignore doctors' orders) would order the match to be stopped for Noam's own safety. This enraged the young grappler who promptly spit in Fludder's face and stormed to the back.

In November at Supershow 3, Noam would finally get his shot at the PCW Heavyweight title against former friend and ally, Lionheart. For the second time in less than a month, PCW owner Steve Fludder would try to bring a halt to the match. This time, Dar was ready and left the ring, ripped the microphone from Fludder's hand and screamed obscenities in his face. Upon returning to the ring, he was defeated by Lionheart, much to the delight of the PCW owner. On the second night of the Supershow, Lionheart would again pin Noam, this time in tag team action where Lionheart teamed with Doug Williams and Dar partnered with Uhaa Nation.

After these two losses, Lionheart refused to defend his PCW Heavyweight Championship against Noam again at Festive Fury. Noam instead faced Martin Kirby. Kirby would emerge victorious.

Noam Dar embarked on a losing streak in the first six months of 2014. After a loss to Mad Man Manson in May at Supershow 4, Dar would exit the ring after refusing to shake Manson's hand. He would then snatch his jacket back from a ringside fan who had been minding it for him and make an obscene gesture towards another who questioned his ability as of late.

Noam would be pinned by Martin Kirby in Fatal 4 Way action which also featured El Ligero and Mark Andrews the following afternoon. He would also lose by disqualification to Dean Allmark later that night.

After a loss to Martin Kirby at Tribute to the Troops in June, Dar would attack “The Pride of Thirsk” showing a vicious side to him that was previously undiscovered. At I Want to Break Three, PCW's 3rd anniversary show in August, the extent of Noam's new attitude became apparent. Gone was the crowd pleasing, wild haired, young grappler with his signature theme song that the crowd would sing along to. In his place was a dark, brooding young man with slicked back hair and a cigarette hanging from his mouth, visible disdain in his eyes and disgust seeping from his pores. Now accompanied to the ring by a sinister guitar riff, Noam Dar was very clearly a drastically changed man.

Was it this new attitude that led to Noam finally ending his losing streak? Perhaps. Dar would defeat his opponent Dave Rayne via stoppage after viciously torquing his shoulders and stomping on his left hand. Although Rayne came up with an excuse as to why the #Boom championship that was on the line couldn't change hands, Noam placed the belt into the mysterious black bag that he's taken to carrying around, placed a cigarette in his mouth and left with it anyway.

It's clear that the new Noam Dar is now playing by nobody's rules but his own.

Noam has since scored impressive victories over Paul London and Charlie Garrett as 2014 draws to a close.

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