Sam Bailey
5 10
181 lbs
Signature Moves
Bail Out; Sam Dunk

Disco fanatic “Superstylin'” Sam Bailey made his PCW debut on the company's first show, A New Beginning” in August 2011. Competing in the PCW title tournament, Bailey would unfortunately bow out in his first round match against Noam Dar after interference from Dar's ally, Lionheart.

The following month at Road to Glory, Bailey would tag with Mad Man Manson and form the duo known as Disco Madness from that point on. They scored a tag team victory over The Blackpool Blonds.

From October, Bailey would aid his partner Manson in his quest to drive Dave Rayne round the bend. Turning up alongside the crazed Irishman at PCW vs PBW, Bailey would play a role in bringing an obese male dancer a past it's best birthday cake to the ring and crashing Rayne's in ring celebration.

Oddly enough, Dave Rayne took exception to this and spent the next couple of months trying to find tag team partners to help him combat Disco Madness. Unfortunately, Dave's obnoxious attitude rubbed even his supposed allies the wrong way and they would turn on him, starting with Nigel McGuinness at Festive Fury in December and leading through to Terry Frazier at Blood, Sweat and Beers in February 2012. Once Rayne was left prone, he was easy pickings for Bailey and Manson. Rayne would eventually find the right partner in Mikey Whiplash and put an end to Disco Madness' torment of him.

Bailey and Manson would get an opportunity to become the first ever PCW Tag Team Champions in August at One But Not Forgotten, the first anniversary PCW show. Their chance would come in a Triple Threat tag team match against Fight Club and the M.O.B. Fight Club would walk away the victors when they defeated the M.O.B.

Disco Madness were granted another opportunity at the tag team straps the following month at Last Night of Freedom as they weren't the team pinned in the Triple Threat Match. Due to an injury to Liam Thomson, Noam Dar was selected as Kid Fite's tag team partner. This would perhaps throw off the game-plan of Disco Madness as they were defeated again.

Sam Bailey took part in singles action at Festive Fury 2 that December when he was included in the Money in the Bank match. Unfortunately for Sam, he was unable to capture the coveted briefcase for a chance at a title. Fortunately for PCW fans though, it wasn't to be the last they would see of “Superstylin'” that night as Disco Madness reunited to defeat Bubblegum and T-Bone, a pairing Bailey's buddy Mad Man Manson had been having problems with for a couple of months.

“Super Sam” competed in the 30 Man PCW Rumble at Spring Slam 2013 was unable to win the match for a chance at the PCW Heavyweight Championship.

At Supershow 2 in June, Disco Madness reunited again to face Team Single, the tag team of Rampage Brown and T-Bone. Disco Madness were not only soundly defeated but decimated post match. Sam competed in a Fatal 4 Way match later that night which also featured Danny Hope, El Ligero and the winner, Dean Allmark but was never the same after the beating from Team Single. He disappeared from PCW after this event.

A new look Sam Bailey returned to PCW in January 2015 at Shooting Star. Seemingly no longer the fan of disco that he once was, Bailey (sans afro) competed in the Battle Royal. He was unsuccessful but greeted extremely warmly by PCW fans who clearly haven't forgotten his contributions.

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