The Trailer Park
6 2
235 lbs
Signature Moves
Full Nelson Slam

T-Bone holds the distinct honour of being the very first PCW champion. At A New Beginning in August 2011, Bone would defeat Dave Mastiff in the first round of the tournament to progress to Road to Glory the following month where a new champion would be crowned.

At Road to Glory in September, T-Bone defeated Kris Travis in the semi-finals of the tournament and then in the finals, Noam Dar, to become the first ever PCW champion.

Bone's first reign with the PCW title lasted for almost an entire year, clocking in at an incredible 329 days. During this time he would turn back challenges from Johnny Moss, Mark Haskins, Dave Rayne, Bubblegum, Andy Wild and Mikey Whiplash.

In August 2012 at One But Not Forgotten, T-Bone would finally be unseated as PCW champion when Lionheart won the title in a Fatal 4 Way match also featuring Dave Mastiff and Davey Richards. Kris Travis would cash in his Money in the Bank moments later to become the new PCW champion. It was this that would be the catalyst for T-Bone's turn to the darkside...

In September at Last Night of Freedom, T-Bone would turn on Kris Travis during a tag match in which the two teamed up to take on Lionheart and BT Gunn. Not content with just abandoning Travis, the Essex native went completely off the deep end, attacking Travis after the match and further injuring the champion's shoulder. Bone made his intention's clear to everyone in the arena. His sole mission was to become the PCW champion once more.

T-Bone would get his chance at Fright Night on Halloween when he clashed with Travis in a wild, no disqualification match. The traditional wrestling attire was abandoned as Bone and Travis clashed wearing street clothes, a move which turned out to be appropriate as at one point, the battle spilled onto the street outside! Kris Travis retained the title after a vicious battle.

T-Bone bounced back in November with a victory over Lionheart at Invasion before falling to U-Gene in December at Festive Fury 2. The December event also saw the new alliance of T-Bone and Bubblegum fall to Mad Man Manson and Sam Bailey after T-Bone had aligned himself with Bubblegum back at Fright Night (under the disguise of a Spider Man costume).

In January 2013 at More Bang For Your Buck, T-Bone would receive another crack at getting the PCW championship back in a Bullrope match. Bullrope matches are known for their brutality but nobody would foresee just how far the tattooed Londoner would go to get back the title. After an arena wide brawl, T-Bone and his cohort Bubblegum would hang Travis by his neck from the balcony of the PCW arena, leaving referee Des Robinson with no choice but to stop the match. T-Bone was PCW champion again. He defeated Kris Travis again at Road to Glory the following month, drawing a line under their feud.

After all his wars with Kris Travis, T-Bone had gained a reputation for extreme violence. With this in mind, Tommy Dreamer, former ECW World Heavyweight Champion came to PCW to test T-Bone's metal in a No Disqualification match at Spring Slam in April. “The Innovator of Violence” lived up to his nickname but in the end, it was T-Bone who walked away with the win.

Later that night would prove to be another pivotal point in T-Bone's PCW career as during the course of the 30 Man Rumble, Bubblegum would shock the live crowd by bringing Rampage Brown into Team Single and pairing Bone and Rampage up as a tag team. The duo would dominate much of the match before both were eliminated.

On the first night of Supershow 2 in the spring of 2013, T-Bone would lose the PCW championship to Doug Williams. It was on the 2nd day of the 2 day spectacular that T-Bone would bounce back and bounce back in a huge way.

During the pre-show, Rampage and T-Bone would knock off crowd favourites Disco Madness, the team of Mad Man Manson and Sam Bailey. The beating Bailey would receive from Rampage was so severe that he would actually disappear from PCW after competing once more later that night. Speaking of later that night, the best was yet to come for Team Single.

The duo had already been scheduled to face legendary brother tandem The Steiners, Rick and Scott, on night two. On night one, The Steiner Brothers had defeated Fight Club to capture the PCW Tag Team titles. Never one to back down from a challenge, The Steiners agreed to defend the belts against Team Single on night two. Former champions Fight Club took exception to this title match taking place before they had their chance at a rematch and interjected themselves, making this a Triple Threat tag team bout. After a wild brawl all over ringside, Rampage Brown would score the win for his team and Team Single were the new PCW Tag Team Champions.

In August at Too Good To Be Two, Team Single would face a massive challenge in the form of the gargantuan tag team of Dave Mastiff and Cyanide (replacing an injured Johnny Moss). Mastiff was gunning for revenge after being injured at the hands of Rampage in the Monster's Brawl match and with Moss out of the picture, looked to another mountain of a man to aid him on his mission. Despite the sheer size of these two men and the beating they put on Team Single, Rampage and Bone gave just as good as they got and retained the belts. It was to be the first of many successful defences.

As Final Fight came around in October, Team Single were scheduled to face ROH's Michael Elgin and Brian Cage, collectively known as The Unbreakable Machines. Due to Brian Cage's transportation problems, the match couldn't take place but, proving their metal again, Team Single agreed to defend against Elgin and his surprise partner, Davey Richards. Though the team hadn't had chance to prepare for Richards, they overcome the challenge anyway and again retained the championship.

In 6-man tag team action at Supershow 3 in November, all 3 members of Team Single would triumph over Dave Mastiff and his partners, WWF alumnus Bob Holly and D'Lo Brown on night one. They would be victorious in 6 man action again on the pre-show the following day, this time over El Ligero, Martin Kirby and Mad Man Manson.

On the main show of night two, Rampage Brown and T-Bone would again successfully defend their tag team championships, this time against the formidable high flying and technically proficient duo of Project Lucha, Martin Kirby and El Ligero.

At Festive Fury 3 in December, Team Single faced a challenge from a new tag team to PCW, the duo of Dean Allmark and Robbie Dynamite, collectively known as DNA. Though this was their first appearance together in PCW, DNA had teamed before regularly, something Rampage Brown had witnessed first hand. Brown would apply this knowledge and lead Team Single to victory and the duo again retaining the tag team titles.

Rampage Brown and T-Bone began 2014 with a bang when at Road 2 Glory in February, they squared off with PCW Heavyweight Champion, Lionheart and his tag team partner, the man who would challenge him for the belt the next night of the two night spectacular, AJ Styles. The odd couple put in tremendous performances as individuals but the team work just wasn't there and eventually, Lionheart would abandon Styles, leaving him easy pickings for a defeat to Team Single. This was a non-title encounter.

At the Road 2 Glory day show, Rampage and Bone would make another successful defence of their tag team championships, this time against the popular duo of Mad Man Manson and Danny Hope. That evening on the main show of the day, Team Single would face a duo who won an online vote for the right to challenge for their tag team titles. Nottingham natives Battle Squad: Awesome showed plenty of fire and agility but were completely over-matched and demolished by the much bigger and more powerful Team Single. Battle Squad: Awesome's manager Harvey Dale was even put in his place by the PCW Tag Team Champions.

In March at Who Dares Wins, Team Single went head to head with a duo who knew a thing or two about holding tag team championships for an extended period of time, as they defended their titles against Paul London and Brian Kendrick. London and Kendrick boast the longest WWE Tag Team Championship reign in history, even to this day. However, it wasn't enough to offset Rampage and T-Bone who overpowered and defeated the high flying tandem.

Later that night, Rampage and T-Bone would both compete in the 30 Man Rumble for the vacant PCW Heavyweight Championship. Rampage would inadvertently eliminate T-Bone at one point, leading to some dissension between the tag team title holders. The third member of the trio, Bubblegum, would manage to calm both men down. Rampage Brown would continue on and come within an eyelash of winning the Championship, lasting until the final two before being eliminated by the winner, Danny Hope.

Showing no harbouring resentment from the friction in the Rumble, Team Single have since defended their Tag Team Championships successfully a further three times 

ROH Tag Team Champions, reDragon, came to PCW Supershow 4 in the spring of 2014 to square off against the PCW Tag Team Champions. ReDragon threw down the gauntlet via video message in February after Team Single's easy victory over Battle Squad: Awesome. ReDragon talked a good game, but could they back it up? They certainly took the PCW title holders to the limit but ultimately, Rampage and Bone would pick up a massive win over the ROH Tag Team Champions.

Team Single have also made two successful defences against the Legion of Boom, Dave Rayne and Chris Masters over the spring and summer months.

With their reign now well over a year long, the question remains; can anyone stop Rampage Brown and T-Bone?

Rampage Brown and his partner T-Bone clashed with the legendary Team 3D in September at Just Get in the Bloody Ring, retaining their titles after getting intentionally disqualified. Rampage was unfortunately 3D'd through a table after the match was over.

Bouncing back in October, Rampage Brown and T-Bone would retain their titles again, this time in convincing fashion when they defeated The Hunter Brothers, Lee and Jim after Rampage hit his signature piledriver for the pin.

Team Single would score a huge win over the PCW & ROH Supershow of Honor weekend when they retained their titles by beating 8-time ROH World Tag Team Champions, The Briscoe Brothers.

The dominant pairing of Rampage and T-Bone certainly had their hands full at Shooting Star in January 2015. The PCW Tag Team Champions squared off against The UK Hooligans (Roy and Zak Knight of the famous Knight wrestling family, managed by their Father, Ricky Knight). The two teams brawled to a wild double count-out meaning that Team Single retained their tag team titles, but with fans clamouring for The UK Hooligans return to PCW, are new tag team champions on the horizon?

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