The Rocky Mountains
6 5
450 lbs
Signature Moves
Vader Bomb, Vadersault

Festive Fury 2013 may have been Christmas time but it was also Vader Time! The legendary super-heavyweight made his way to PCW in December that year to clash with PCW's very own super-heavyweight in the form of “The Bastard” Dave Mastiff. Unfortunately for Vader, Mastiff and the fans of PCW, they were robbed of a competitive match after just 3 minutes when Dave Rayne attacked Dave Mastiff, giving Mastiff the win by disqualification. Enraged by this interference, the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion blasted Rayne with a crushing Vader bomb from the second turnbuckle.

Vader returned to PCW in April 2014 for Spring Slam where he acted as a Lumberjack during the PCW Heavyweight title match between Joey Hayes and Danny Hope.

In addition to being a former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Vader has held the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, the Triple Crown championship and the WCW United States Championship, amongst others.

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