Zack Gibson
6 3
180 lbs
Signature Moves
Punt Kick, Frog Splash

Zack Gibson first appeared in PCW at Spring Slam 2013 as a competitor in the 30 Man Rumble match. He was unsuccessful in his quest to gain a PCW Heavyweight title match.

Gibson returned to PCW over a year later at Tribute to the Troops. Older, wiser and a lot more aggressive, the Liverpool native squared off with Dave Mastiff. Gibson used every dirty trick in the book to try and offset “The Bastard”, including biting him in the fashion of Luis Suarez, a player for Gibson's beloved Liverpool FC. Mastiff would turn the tide and defeat Gibson.

Despite the loss, PCW management were impressed with Gibson and gave him the chance to face former WWE and current TNA star Mr Anderson in August at I Want To Break Three, PCW's 3rd anniversary show. Gibson employed more of the same dirty tactics seen against Dave Mastiff a few weeks prior but was defeated by Mr Anderson.

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